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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #479

I'd like to take you up on this proposal. I can get some native plants from 
my locale. I'm located outside beautiful downtown Tokyo and the rice paddies 
and irrigation canals are just crowded with plants. Some such as the val and 
sagitaria sp are regarded as weeds.
>Subject: Re: excess plants
> >   Every four or five weeks I find it necessary to trash about 10 percent 
> > my plants.  My banana plant, amazon swardplants, aponogetons, ect all 
> > babies.  I hate to toss good plants, would  be  better to give them to
> > someone.  Soon I will have another bunch of extra plants including a 
> > sward that needs nothing smaller then a 55 gal.  Anyone interested that 
> > close to Redding Ca. can have some plants.

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