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Planted Aquaria Magazine

I'm going to do something a little out-of-character for me.  Flame me if you
must, but I think this might be important for the hobby.

I just received my copy of the second issue of Planted Aquaria Magazine, and
I want to second James Purchase comments the other day regarding the quality
and strength of the issue.  I haven't been able to put the issue down since
I received it yesterday.  The in-depth articles are great (Jaimie Johnson
has written an amazing article analyzing the chemistry of substrates); the
quality of the photographs is very much improved; the layout is more
attractive; etc.  Dave has shown with the second issue that he really can
produce a first rate, high quality magazine.  I can also tell you that I
took a quick look at the proofs (if that is the correct term) of the third
issue of PAM yesterday, and even more improvements are on the way!

Now to the controversial part.  I want to tell you a little bit about what
it will take to continue this effort and keep the magazine alive.  Dave
loses "a few thousand dollars" on each issue of PAM, and this doesn't count
any opportunity cost for his labor-of-love effort organizing and editing the
magazine.  There is nothing wrong with this, as one wouldn't expect a new
magazine to start life with a sufficient number of subscribers.  Dave hasn't
given me the numbers, but I think I would be correct if I said that the
magazine has something under 500 subscribers at the moment.  I believe 2000
copies of each issue are printed.  With 1000 subscribers, the magazine will
reach the break even point, and can set its sights on 48 pages and
eventually 64 pages.  

What can we do to increase the number of subscribers to the magazine?  My
first stop is this shameless post on the APD.  I also keep thinking that
Dave has to give away a large number of issues to fish shops and other
places where folks who are interested in the hobby will have a chance to see
the magazine.  What if each of us let Dave know of fish shops that really
strive to cater to planted tank enthusiasts and Dave sent each of those
shops a dozen copies of PAM?  I believe The Aquatic Gardeners magazine
includes a page, or half page, on PAM, and I hope this continues.  What else
can we do to increase the number of subscribers to the magazine?  I'm sure
Dave would welcome any comments/suggestions from this group.  I'm hoping the
internet may provide solutions to a fantastic worthwhile effort that would
surely have failed at any time before the internet.  If you have a marketing
plan for PAM floating around in your mind, please let us know!  :-)

And please consider subscribing to Planted Aquaria Magazine.  The cost is
$20 per year for 4 issues and well-worth the price of admission.

Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco.   BTW, I do NOT have a financial
interest in PAM, though I am a friend of Dave's, and he did give me the
(mostly) honorary title of Executive Editor of PAM.  My sincere apologies to
those of you who may be offended by this note.  I wrote it because I know in
my heart that PAM is a non-for-profit, labor-of-love effort, and because
Dave Gomberg has now earned the right to a helping hand from the rest of us.
All aboard!  :-)