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Re: Pump for a Plant Tank Wet/Dry Filter...

I have had good success with the Rio pumps.  Mine are quiet, and have yet to fail.   I use a model PH 180 rated at 120 gph, and this gives me really good circulation in a 50 gallon tank through my home-built canister filter.   I would guess that the model 2100 which is rated at 692 gph would give you more circulation than you want.  My local fish store uses one of those to power a whole wall of fishtanks.

> Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 12:34:44 -0400
> From: Paul Mouritsen <mourip at erols_com>
> Subject: Pump for a Plant Tank Wet/Dry Filter...

>  I could use some suggestions for tank
> turnover and also for a quiet dependable pump. How about a Rio 2100 or an
> Eheim 1250? Right now I am tending toward the submersible type... I know
> that the Quiet One is a winner but I am afraid that the output will be too
> much. I am not trying to create a Rocky Mountain stream theme :-)
> Any ideas are appreciated...
> Paul
> Paul Mouritsen
> Network Analyst
> Holy Cross Hospital
> Silver Spring, Maryland