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Re: Good Beginner Plants

Hi Bryce, welcome to the list.

I haven't been in this hobby very long either, but I've been on this list
long enough to think, that a general question such as yours, will more than
likely go unanswered.  Sorry I can't make recommendations (not enough
experience), but I can suggest that you visit the Tropica website at

Tropica "grades" every plant as to its degree of difficulty, amount of light
required, etc.  It would be a great starting point for you; then when you
have done some research there, you could ask more specific questions here.
I think that might get you better answers.

I would also strongly suggest that you visit http://www.thekrib.com if you
haven't already.  Also, maybe you aren't aware of it, but this list has
archives, which you can review and search, at

Good luck.

"Bryce Carpenter" <bryce at ncci_net> wrote:
Hi! I am just starting up a 20 gallon aquarium and I was wondering if anyone
knows any good plants for beginners(btw, this is my first aquarium). My
friend said that Anubias plants are good to start out with. I also have
another question: I don't think that my fluorescent light is powerful enough
for a lot of plants(I think it said 17 watts #:O). Anyway, would it be
alright if I hung a shop light(4 ft. I think) above the aquarium(with, of
course, fluorescent lighting)?