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Re: Good Beginner Plants

"Bryce Carpenter" <bryce at ncci_net> wrote:
Hi! I am just starting up a 20 gallon aquarium and I was wondering if anyone
knows any good plants for beginners(btw, this is my first aquarium). My
friend said that Anubias plants are good to start out with. I also have
another question: I don't think that my fluorescent light is powerful enough
for a lot of plants(I think it said 17 watts #:O). Anyway, would it be
alright if I hung a shop light(4 ft. I think) above the aquarium(with, of
course, fluorescent lighting)?<<

Hi Bryce,

I agree with Gitte that you need to read up on the basic requirements for
plants to better understand what your options are. I usually reccomend to
first timers that they begin with plants that have minimal light
requirements. This could include hardy plants such as Anubias, Java fern and
Bolbitis fern, and other low light plants such as Cryptocorynes, Egeria
najas, or Cardamine, (in cooler water).  I know some people here do not
think of Cryptocorynes as a suitable beginner plant, however I have found
that most of the common C. species found commercially are much hardier than
some people give them credit for, and tolerate a more alkaline pH range.

In my interview with Jan D. Bastmeijer, he stated to me "The popular species
from Sri Lanka: C. wendtii, C. beckettii, C. walkeri and C. x willisii.
>From Thailand the C. cordata "blassii" are rather easy to grow in a
fishtank", and described the "difficult cryps" to be so only because of the
acidic water that they require. I have always had great success with little
effort growing Cryps, and they make a nice contrast to Anubias and ferns.

If you go to http://www.knology.net/~jweinberger/aquarium/info.htm you will
find great, direct links to many good articles that should address your

Best Regards

Robert Paul H