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Re: Die Aquarienpflanzen in Wort und Bild

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the quick response.  I guess I was just trying to:

1)get an idea if this was some sort of periodical and if so, where I could
locate the more recent issues.
2)learn the *history* behind it. If it is something that is relatively rare
3)find out what the set's $ value might be.

I can read German (haltingly) so your kind offer of translation is not what
I after, but thanks just the same!!!  :O)


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> >Any German-speakers out there who might have a spare second to help me
> >figure out the story behind this *book*?
> Sounds like one of those subscription deals, where you pay so much
> per month and they send you a number of pages and you put it in their
> special binder.