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Re: Keeping Quarantine Tank Filter Media in a Planted Tank

I checked the quarantine tank ammonia last night and it was still reading 0.5 
ppm. So adding the "aged" bioballs didn't help; we continue to change water. The 
pH is low (6.5) so we aren't too worried about the fish. We have an established 
tank we moved other fish out of and we will move the new fish into it tomorrow.  

I checked ammonia in the established tank and it was zero so I guess the test 
kit is OK. 

Thanks to all for the "rapid cycling" hints but that won't work in our case. If 
we buy new fish, it's usually on the spur of the moment and 4 days or two weeks 
cycling time won't help. Also we only have three large tanks set up and all use 
trickle filters; we have no cycled sponges available and don't plan on adding 
sponge filters to these tanks.   

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)