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>Can anyone else chime in one this? Seems my bristlenose was doing a great
>service in the tank, and I'd be glad to take him back. Do y'all keep
>bristlenoses with healthy, unrasped, edges intact, un-holey swords?

I have had bristlenose (Ancistrus dolicopterus ;-) )cats in my tanks for
years. Currently, I have 5 adults in a 60 gal, and 4 adults in a 33.  The
only time the were munching on the swords was when there was no other source
of cellulose (i.e. wood) in the tank.
Once, I added a 2 foot piece of 1/4" pine dowel to hold down some zucchini
and promptly forgot about it. After a while, the wood was all rasped down
and a thin as a toothpick. Since then I have always added a little bit of
wood for the cats and they have given me no more problems.

Michael Eckardt