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Re: Sean's Algae Problem

This was a really helpful post. I have a few things to add, though:

> FloraPride to go along with it.
>   Potassium may be the limiting factor in your tank. 
>  Adding some to the water column can produce some
>  dramatic results in a short period of time.
I think this has iron in it. Adding iron could complicate matters, and 
increase the algae substantially. With all the jobes, there's probably lots 
of nutrients (at least n-p-k), probably too many, as was mentioned.

> That was cleared up by a 1/2
>  oz. per 10 gallon treatment of 3% U.S.P. Hydrogen
>  peroxide.  It was annihilated in 12 hours and has
>  shown no signs of returning.  I cannot recommend that
>  treatment strongly enough.  Bypass or remove the
>  filter--1/2 oz in 10 gallons will probably kill it.

I recall otocinclus is sensitive to this treatment, so it should be used at 
1/2 recommended dose. Someone recently reported an Oto death after use of 
Hydrogen Peroxide (if I remember correctly).

And it was a good point to mention that you need more plants, Sean. Aim for 
heavy coverage of the bottom. Try to get some clippings from local hobbyists 
or appeal to the APD for cuttings of fast-growing, easy stem plants. 

Water sprite would be a great plant and very fast growing, even without high 
light or co2. I used to have tons of it and couldn't get people to take it 
off my hands, but for some reason, it's dying off on me.