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Re: Accuracy in quotations...

JAMES:-) said:

>I'd just like to clarify that at no time did I say that the plant in
>question did not exist. I stated that I was not aware of it. Please don't
>put words in my mouth. What I did say regarding this plant is documented
>above and I've provided the message links should anyone care to revisit the
>originals (shudder).


THIS is what you said, 

QUOTE: "Similarly, he sells Australian "Pine" driftwood and says on his web
site >that he finds it on local Florida beaches. If you ask me, that's a
long way >from Australia for a piece of wood to float, although I'm sure
that it is >possible. 

>More likely, Dwight felt that he might make the product more
>"saleable" if he gave it an exotic name (and there is absolutely nothing
>wrong with that.....)." UNQUOTE.

Its that last part that you DELIBERATELY left off in your repost that left
my nose burning from orange juice that flew through it as I laughed soooo
HARD!!:-) It displayed both your latent hostility and your supreme
ignorance.  You are now trying to recast yourself as the "innocent victim"
when it was your own abuse that brought this on.

>I'm not here to provoke any regional clashes, nor to promote any private
>business - I brought the whole thing up to support my contention that since
>this list has an International readership, we should use names and
>descriptions which _everyone_ is likely to understand, regardless of where
>they hang their hat.

You deliberately ignored my off-list overtures to clear up any "bad air"
b/n us chosing instead to attack your fellow lister w/o just cause by
hurling foolish inaccuracies.  No one is fooled by your  "I never ment
anything by it" act.  And now, your lame attempt to re-cast youself.  You
have made it part of your routine to pick fights as you did with Carmen
last month and tried to do with ME back then as well.  Now, your latent,
though BLATANT attacks on my credebility this time has left YOURS in tatters.

>Before this thread gets cut off by Cynthia (and I hope that happens soon),
>I'd just like to clarify that at no time did I say that the plant in
>question did not exist.

So ... now that your attacks have backfired... and you smell your own BLOOD
in the water ... you want to run and cower behind Cynthia's skirt tails
like a school girl?!  ... Now that your most dreaded fear..Carmen!  Has
also drawn a bead on your A** you go squealing, "Save me Cynthia!!" "SAVE
MEEEE!!" "THEY ARE GONNA GIT MEEEEE!!"...... Pathetic... :-(

We've all seen you pull this before JAMES:-) Why should she save you from
yourself?  Be man enough to email me offlist and get things straight with
ME, I'm the one you wanted to assault.

Fortunatley for you Monday/ Tuesday is busy for me so I'm calling it quits.
 Quit trying to abuse people just 'cause you don't like their sigs.

Some Australian Pine I "Invented":-)