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A bunch of American Flag Fish stuff

Dwight wrote: <snip>
> Augie Eppler first introduced me to this fish and to the best of my 
> knowledge he keeps them in freshwater as I do. They also breed for 
> him in a pond.
> Now, they breed for me in my tanks despite constant low ph driven by
> constant Co2 injection. In Florida, we tend to have harder water and last
> I checked my dissolved carbonates were moderate to moderatly high.  I'd
> sure like to hear from anyone who had Florida Flagfish and how they
> performed under low dissolved carbonate or very soft water.

Actually it's not a pond, it's a 1000 gallon kids pool (Kideas-poolii),
but I call it a pond (kind of a regional name). Am I gonna' get into
trouble for that? ;-) My water out of the tap has a ph of 7.5, dkg of 5,
and dgh of 7, but I would imagine it's mostly rain water at this time.
Haven't checked it, but I will, and I'll post the results.

I've been trying to avoid the Flag Fish debacle, but I will say this,
every Florida LFS that I've been in (that carries Flags) calls them
"FLORIDA" Flag Fish. Noah's in Baton Rouge, La. also calls them that.
Petsmart calls them American Flag Fish Danio's. Dwight did not make up
the name (although he did make up that horrible internet shorthand of
FFF). Heck, I probably called them that when I told Dwight about them.
My very first post to this list, 4 - 5 years ago, was about Florida
Flags, and yes, I was taken to task for it. BTW, the state flag of
Florida is red, white, blue, and yellow.

In all of my posts to this list concerning Flags (after the 1st one)
I've referred to them as "American Flag Fish (Jordonella floridae)" out
of respect for the other list members. Is that what all this has been
about? Courtesy?

Tom, my Flags eat duckweed.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, "FLORIDA"