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Re: Wisteria and flying foxes

hydrohanna at juno_com wrote: 

> Hello!										8.12.00
>	Today at my pet store, I was looking for some oto's( couldn't spell the
> real name!), and they did not have any.  So, I got  a flying fox, and 2
> Chinese algae eaters.  The pet guy said flying foxes do not eat algae, so
> I went home, got my book, and it said they were mostly herbivorous.  I
> want the opinion of people who know, and who can be trusted, so I ask
> you.....will the flying fox eat algae, or be a fish that does nothing? 
> Also, does wisteria grow fact and big ,&  what are its light and nutrient
> requirements(big or small??)???  Thanks for your time!
> 				Hanna Weiss
> 				hydrohanna at juno_com

I don't know about the flying fox, but get rid of the Chinese algae eaters
as soon as you can. In my single experience with them, when babies they seem
to nibble on algae, but being small, are not effective. Then they grow a little
and become nasty. Really nasty. If I didn't remove them from my tank they
would eventually kill my catfish, and maybe others.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD