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A Flame by Any Name!

JAMES:-) pontificated:

>The recent discussion regarding the correct common name for the
>American-Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae) deserves a bit of attention.
>Dwight's habit of using all three names for this little beauty might lull
>him into thinking that he is eliminating any possible confusion but I don't
>think that it is having that effect. Especially as he continues to use what
>appears to be a local name (i.e. "Florida Flag Fish" or FFF) as his lead-in
>in his posts and remarks.

And how is covering all bases "adding to confusion"?  I respect the rights
of different regions to apply names to their flora and fauna.  This will
NEVER change!  That's why scientific nomenclature was invented. Claiming
that using all known regional names INCLUDING the scientific name causes
"Confusion" when it does just to opposite is just being argumentative.

>The accepted "common name", world wide, is American-Flag Fish (or a close
>variant like American Flag Fish or American Flagfish). For reference, I
>chose to look it up in both Dick Mill's You & Your Aquarium as well as that
>old standby Innes Exotic Aquarium Fishes. One author from the U.K., the
>other an American, but both widely established and accepted within our

The "accepted" common name? Is zat a fac?!?  With all due respect to the
rest of the world, we Floridians dont mind you blokes calling it what you
will...but we draw the line when others want to dictate to US what to call
OUR fish!!!
The fish EVOLVED here in Florida!  It naturally occurs nowhere else (though
i'm told is has migrated as far a southern Georgia).  This D@#n well gives
us Floridians the right to give it a common name after our state!  AND WE

>As an aside (and please Dwight, this isn't a flame, merely an

Double talk.  Your words clearly illustrate otherwise.

 >I notice that when I visit Dwight's commercial homepage, I
>see that he sells what he calls "Cichlid Resistant Hairgrass" (Elocharis
>acicularis). Now, my copy of "Wetland Plants of Ontario" calls this species
>Needle Spikerush and says that it is distributed throughout North America.
>Mills uses Hairgrass as the common name for the species. Innes describes a
>closely related but more narrowly distributed species E. vivipara and uses
>the name Hair Grass. In none of my references can I find the name "Cichlid
>Resistant Hairgrass", so I guess this is something specific to Dwight.

That may well be.  But since you've never bought the plant from me I've got
to take your word for it.  Anyone who has taken the time to ask me about
the plant knows very well that "Cichlid Resistant Hairgrass" is my own
descritive name of the plant's form and function ever since I stumbled opon

>Similarly, he sells Australian "Pine" driftwood and says on his web site
>that he finds it on local Florida beaches. If you ask me, that's a long way
>from Australia for a piece of wood to float, although I'm sure that it is
>possible. More likely, Dwight felt that he might make the product more
>"saleable" if he gave it an exotic name (and there is absolutely nothing
>wrong with that.....).

Heh heeeeeee heh heh Heh!!! :-D Now THIS one provided me sooo much laughter
my orange juice came flyin' outta me nose!!   It amazes me how you claim
you could find the time to search through your reference books to look up
"accepted" names for the FFF and Cichlid resistant hairgrass yet never
bothered to do a search engine check on Australian Pine! :-)
http://co.collier.fl.us/natresources/exotics/ap.htm  No, JAMES :-) I did'nt
"invent" Australian Pine!  It is this inflated attitude that you like to
display at times why Carmen had to dress you down and slap you 'round a bit
about a month ago.

>Again, I'm not picking on Dwight...
>I am not trying to set myself up as any "expert" or associate this
>discussion with anything even remotely "politically correct",

Double talk JAMES... This is a flame.  You just don't want to get blamed
for initiating such hostility.  The fact that you are one of the earliest
members of this list makes your krypto faint at humility by claming not to
be an "expert" very disingenuous.    Were you an honest player you would
have emailed me off list and I would have clarified 90% of these so-called
"concerns".  Which by the way, is where 90% of your so-called discussion

There are some listers with genuine conserns over their familiarity with
FFF species names (JAMES here, isnt one of them).  Again I repeat, as long
as the scientific name of the Jordanella floridae is always listed as part
of any discussion all regional differences can be respected and no one need
feel imposed opon.

Some Australian Pine Driftwood I "Invented":-)