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At 03:48 PM 8/12/00 -0400, Gitte wondered:
>  about people asking questions or starting discussions that are not
>about aquatic plants.   Now, this discussion about barley straw, which has
>been recently been resurrected, ran for several weeks last time around, and
>now it's been running for a couple of weeks this time.  I am wondering, what
>makes barley straw more discussion-worthy than some of the other topics that
>come up from time-to-time, for which people sometimes get ignored or

Well, Gitte, it's like this.  Algae are alternately considered plants or 
plant pests.   But either way I think most folks would agree algae are on 
topic.   There is even an ARTICLE about algae in the latest issue of 
Planted Aquaria Magazine.   So algae poisons are on topic.  Especially to 
those who find algae a pest, as it inhibits their ability to manage their 
planted tanks.