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Re: Java fern "spores"?

> I have a java fern that has what I think may be spores.  But I don't even
> know if I am using that term correctly.  On one leaf there is small brown
> "bumps" pretty uniformly spaced in two columns from the tip of the leaf to
> the bottom of the leaf.  What are these? Normal? Healthy? Unhealthy?  I
> looked in my books and the internet but found nothing specific.  I believe
> that Java Fern develop adventitious plants (is that the right term?).  Is
> that what this is?

That's essentially correct.  Perfectly normal.  What will happen is that
those spores will germinate and you will start seeing little tiny java fern
plantlets develop from them.  These come with roots.  Imagine what that will
look like when they're all growing.  I find it to be a little ugly as the
little plants grow in and there are brown roots all over the plants.  You
can break them off and plant them where they will develop a new rhizome and
start a new plant, or you can pick them off and get rid of them.