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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #457

>Flourite is a wonderful substrate material but I wonder how "available" the
>nutrients within it are. I have seen that when using Profile for regular
>terrestrial plants that you need to add fertilizer to avoid deficiencies -
>the Profile alone won't provide the needed nutrients by itself. Profile and
>Flourite are not the same thing, but they are "cousins" in that they are
>both fired, fracted clay materials and I would expect that what I observed
>in my Coffee plants would appear in plants grown in pure Flourite.
>(I have been growing Coffee plants in pure Profile, Half Profile and Half
>Soil, and Pure Soil. Without the addition of fertilizer, the plants in pure
>Profile have severe problems with their lower leaves discoloring, twisting
>and generally not doing well. The problems go away with fertilization and
>were never there to begin with in those pots containing soil.)
>So you probably just need to work on balancing out your liquid fertilizer
>scheme or perhaps try some Flourish Tabs buried in the substrate.

James, I was wondering about the flourite, here in Tokyo (Land of the 
Unstable ) I can't find a similar product. I really don't want to use 
Amano's goods (I'm not independantly wealthy) as he doesn't pay me enough to 
deserve product loyalty. (8,000 a page for written copy). I'd also like a 
source for some of the Jobes stiks, fertilizers here are all of the liquid 
type or fast disolving types.
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