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Java fern "spores"?

OK.  I'll try this again.  I got no responses last time I posted, but I am
sure it was just because they were more general beginner questions. Totally

I have a java fern that has what I think may be spores.  But I don't even
know if I am using that term correctly.  On one leaf there is small brown
"bumps" pretty uniformly spaced in two columns from the tip of the leaf to
the bottom of the leaf.  What are these? Normal? Healthy? Unhealthy?  I have
looked in my books and the internet but found nothing specific.  I believe
that Java Fern develop adventitious plants (is that the right term?).  Is
that what this is?

Any help is appreciated.


William Bragg
most recently of Kawagoe, Japan
currently Salem, Oregon, USA