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SAE mail order source

Dave Kotschi <dkotschi at mindspring_com> was looking for SAE via mail order.
I get mine from Uncle Ned's Fish Factory.  He overnights them, and they
were I think $5 apiece when I bought them a month or so ago (1.5").  The
O/N shipping will cost about $35 - at least between Mass. and NJ, where I

I believe Ned's email is cichfish at aol_com, and his website is at

No affiliation, other than to say I am a happy customer.  He seems a little
disorganized (forgot to send my order, wanted me to call back and remind
him to send things out, thought he didn't have things in stock, called back
to say he did, etc.), but my fish came within a few days of my calling them
(otos and sae), and only one died of the eleven or so purchased (and I
think he was made ill from transit - died very quickly after joining my

Hope this helps,