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Re: JAMES:-) & the Duckweed

JAMES wrote:

>also look at (http://www.ntrnet.net/~skilli/threedwds.htm), especially for
>While I guess that you might find someone who sells it, I'd suggest that you
>might go look for some where you live..... here in Toronto, I have found
>Wolffia in several bodies of water in the middle of the city, so its far
>from rare.
>I don't think I'd recommend letting it anywhere near a display tank - it
>grows and multiplies every bit as fast as the regular Duckweeds and can
>become a right royal pain in the butt to get rid of, but it might be fine as
>a fish food, as it really IS much smaller than Duckweed (which is already
>pretty tiny).

What JAMES said is true... keep this stuff away from a display tank.  If it
ever gets away from you score some FFF or Florida Flag Fish (Jordanella
floridae)  aka American Flag Fish.  FFF are aggressive eaters of both
duckweeds Wolffia arrhiza and Lemna ninor.

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