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Re: Single Male seeks Snails

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> I've been hunting around So. Cal looking for small bright red ramshorn
> snails and currently, I am completely unsuccessful.  I've been hoping that
> some hitch a ride on some plants somewhere but that doesn't appear to be
> happening.  Any one know where I can find some locally, or perhaps via mail
> order?

I've got lots of baby red ramshorns.  I've got a couple large ones
(1" diameter) that I can't part with, but lots of babys.

They should ship ok via standard mail (that's how I got mine).
> As an off-topic anecdote... I bought some anacharis from a LFS because it
> was literally crawling with dozens and dozens of malaysian trumpet snails.

I've also got plenty of those, if you want some.

Lemme know.

Chuck Gadd