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barley straw

I thought that if one is to put barley straw in their canister filter to 
decompose, this alone would not reduce algae.  As the straw decomposes, 
humic acids are released into the water column, which in the prescence of 
dissolved oxygen and  <bold> sunlight <bold>, produces hydrogen peroxide 
which supresses the algae.  Is the H2O2 not the chemical responsible for the 
control of algae?

If H2O2 is what we're after, why not dose it on a regular basis, via the 
oxydator or some other method?

On dosing H2O2, I don't dose amount based on how much water is in my tank.  
I use an amount that will not impact (wilt the leaves) the delicate plants 
in an adverse way.  The amount needed depends on what plants are in the 
tank. I was informed by a fellow list member that one ounce per 13 gallons 
will be ok.  But, I found out first hand that hydrocotyle is sensitive to 
that dose of H2O2. So, I've cut in in half with no adverse consequences.

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