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fishless tank with white fuzz: Cyano

Gitte wrote:

> How long has your 10-gal tank been without fish?  
> After a few days, if I'm not mistaken, the good 
> bacteria will die off because there's no ammonia to
> feed them and keep the tank cycled.  Perhaps what 
> you are seeing are dead bacteria and/or something 
> eating them?

The filter went with the fish to the hospital tank,
where they were treated for ich.  I had planned on
adding more fish, but I put that off until the ich
problem was solved.  

The 'fuzz' is apparently a cyanophyte, aka BGA.  I
confirmed this by viewing a blob through my 8-year
old's science lab microscope.

I have some circulation problems in the tank.  The
most affected area is a well lit spot with poor water
flow.  The cyanophyte has begun to creep across the
front of the glass and almost every plant has _some_
on it.  I have a plan for correcting flow, and I
should have it fixed (hopefully) tonight.

Tomorrow night, I start the H2O2 treatment.  I plan to
use 1/2 oz of 3% H2O2 (for 10 gallons), and dose every
48 hours.  

I had also planned on fertilizing the plants using
clay balls and 15-0-15 fertilizer.  Now, that's on
hold too.  Does anything EVER go as planned with a
planted tank?  ;)

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