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RE: Eustralis Morph

>You can see a picture of the strange spiraling Eusteralis stellata morph I
>described the other day at:
>What is equally amazing is that new growth out of the top of the spiral
>morph has regular whorled leaves!!!
>So  I'm guessing when this individual stem bites the dust the morph will be
>Any botany buffs or professionals out there have any views on what causes
>this sort of thing?

I'm looking at it and it appears to be from growing sideways or at a 45
degree angle for a little while or was damaged/stressed in some way ,likely
physically and after a week or two it straighten up. The spiral seems to be
in sections, not continuous? Being a water plant and the great need to make
it to the surface (all that CO2) this might be a way to get the best angle
of the incoming light while also maximizing the growth towards the surface
(instead of the light) were sexual reproduction will take place in the form
of flowers and there's plenty of CO2. This growth would do well and be quite
efficient it would seem to me making the best use of resources to best grow
in the aquatic environment. Most terrestrials go for the light but aquatics
need to go for the light and the CO2. 
What about that?
Tom Barr