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Melting Crypts & Rampant Tenellus

I've got 2 problems...... Well the crypts are a problem, they've been 
thriving until the last month, then started melting on me. Water is 28C pH 
7.4 120 cm tank with 8 otos, 3 B edithae, 4 croaking gouramies. The milfoil, 
vallisneria, frogbit, salvia and swordplants are thriving. I change water 
25% twice a week use no additives and have 60 watts of lighting over the 

How cold resistant are tenellus swords? I planted 5 in the pond. Used a 
mixture of iron rich gravel, peat and common garden soil for potting 
mixture. Currently they cover an area of 1/2 sq meter of the pond's bottom. 
Growth is phenomenal, I expect them to take over most of the shallow area. I 
will harvest what I can, trade & sell to the LFS/pet auctions etc. But can 
these sword plants take cold temps?
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