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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #447

> From: osullivan at ameritech_net
> Even if I dosed correctly and the BGA went away,
> I'm convinced it would come back if the original cause of the outbreak
> is not found and corrected.  There are so many parameters in a planted
> tank that could be affecting the cause of BGA that using antibiotics or
> H2O2 are way down the line on my check list of things to try.

	Agreed about the number of parameters, but I had a tank 
with a severe case of BGA -- I was even getting "blue-green water" --
that I broke down and dosed with antibiotics. That cleared up the
immediate problem (and resulted in a clogged filter), but I still
had a few small patches. I haven't seen any for a few weeks, but
it's hard to say why. The fishload hasn't changed; I've let the
DIY CO2 run out; pond snails have exploded from one to dozens.

	I think antibiotics are a good control method, but I wouldn't
depend on them to eliminate the problem.