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Re: Altum Angels

    Hello George,

    A big Altum/Plant tank.  That sounds nice!

    In case this helps;  in Amano's Aqua Journal #37, there is a tank of 
    It's 48''x18''x18'', and is all hairgrass, and java moss, with virtually 
no shade.  It is lit with 320 watts of flourescents, if I read it correctly.  
So that might help, indirectly, in considering the MH's.
    And FWIW, on the subject of lighting deep tanks: In the same issue there 
is a 6'Lx3.3'Wx3'H discus tank lit with 440 watts of flourescents.  Even at 
that depth, he has a full carpet of E. Tenellus and it looks like some other 
type of chain sword.  His bulbs have a fairly high blue content ( they are 
somewhere between 7500 and 8000 k), which he credits as the reason they can 
penetrate deep tanks.

    There are also his views on acclimating wild caught Altum's, and how to 
raise them so that long finnage is encouraged.  I'd be happy to relay that 
info to you if you're interested.

    Zach K