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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #447

>Does anyone have experience with P. altum (Angelfish, AKA Anglefish) in a 
>planted aquarium? 
>We are thinking about putting some wild caught altums in a 120g tank 
>(48"x24"x24"). A big concern is bright MH lights. If they are from naturally 
>shady areas, they might not like "bright sun". Any inputs would be appreciated. 
>BTW, my home PC is still busted. After three visits by the warranty "repairman", 
>it's busted even more thoroughly than it was originally. If you have e-mailed me 
>at booth at frii_com in July, I am not ignoring you. I just don't know you've 
>written to me yet. Phase IV, a new power supply, is scheduled for next week. 
>This may color my decision to buy an extended warranty next time <g>.   

I recently helped put a 155 bow front together for a friend/client. He's
going to move it soon also. He has em in there now doing quite well and the
tank grows plants very well. They are not easy and you will spend a lot to
keep a few. Most die. It's not the planted tank's fault though it seems.
Maybe later after there's some tank raised around. Let your LFS or dealer
hold them for a month first...........if they live then get them. They seem
very hard to keep overall. I would expect to lose many to have a small
school of five to seven. 
I wouldn't imagine MH's really bug them nor does bright lights. He has a lot
of PC's on there. As long as they have somewhere to hide(mossy cave, big
sword plant etc) they are fine. They seem more afraid of people than light.
Tom Barr