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Re: NFC:lists....

I would vote to consolidate a bit. I'm on several and would like to quit
getting multiples of the same message, because it had to be cross-posted. I
haven't been here long enough to see the annual cycle, tho.

Reminds me of the Sept./October madness on the aquaria newsgroup(s) when all
the kiddies got to college and got their first e-mail account. We might as
well have just unsubscribed for a month or so, as the signal-to-noise ratio
went through the floor. (^_^)

That has probably dropped as more have it in high school, now. Haven't been
there much since we unwisely voted to split rec.aquaria 14 ways from Friday.
I thought *that* was a good idea, too. Turned out it wasn't -- at least for
me. The specialization actually made me lose interest. Native fishes is even
*more* specialized, isn't it?

My US$0.0013 (2 cents, inflation-adjusted)


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