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NFC: RE: Re: NFC lists

I am all for consolidating
Makes it easier at my end to know who, which and if when to respond
Also haven't seen any traffic from some of the lists

To boot - from part of the Sunday night Chat it would be nice if some of the
non-native lists were cross posted here: i.e.; the Live foods list, also
some of the live bearers list.  Although you might have to put up with some
messages concerning exotics 


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	Hi Guys,

	I am considering consolidating  all the email lists. Id like some
	befor i do. Heres my reasons.

	1.) Instead of fostering growth it has caused fragmentation.

	2.) Unique projects like the breeders club, erp, adopt a tank are
	from the main list and thus lessened in their exposure.

	3) I wrongly thought more was better :)

	4.) We lose a lot of our sence of community with 10 posts a month

	5.) I like keeping Josh Busy :)

	Robert Rice
	All Men are equal until the point of exertion