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Re: NFC: Fallfish

In a message dated 10/12/99 3:54:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
DaveCyndy at aol_com writes:

<< I have been out playing with a new toy, a 3-weight fly rod the last week 
 so.  I have been catching many fallfish(semotilus corporalis) in the 6" -14" 
 range  by dead drifting small nymphs through riffles in Catoctin Creek(a 
 trib. of the Potomac in MD).  Questions for the list. Has anyone kept 
 Fallfish?  Would they be well behaved in a community tank(daces, creek 
 madtoms, satinfins, stonerollers etc... ?  Will they accept flakes or only 
 live food?  Thanks.  Back to lurker mode.
They'd love it in your tank.....down to the very last bite! Fallfish (for 
that matter, any Semotilis or Nocomis) in that size range would be very 
predatory in your tank. But, the real question.....are they any good to eat 
at that size ! :)