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NFC: Fw: NFC 's Quick Response

FYI Guys we are doing some neat Blue Pike stuff....Heres a note from the
fisherman who caught the most recent suspect fish.

Just a quick message to support your 9/10/99 newsflash. Within hours of
sending a message to you about the possible blue pike that my father's
caught in a lake in eastern Ontario Province, Canada I received both a
message reply from the Nature Conservancy and a phone call from the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service. Within a few days the skin of the "blue" was
sent to a lab for analysis. The quick response as well as the enthusiasm
of all parties that my father and I came in contact with was impressive.
Even as I write this message, my Dad is on a "quest" for another "blue".
Stay tuned.
			Jim Sowinski	
			Akron, N.Y.