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NFC: Species diversity

 Larger streams have more species because of the diversity of habitats
that they offer.  This is especially true if the water quality has been
maintained and the stream hasn't been ponded up. Streams with dams are
more like silt trap ponds with poor water quality and a predictably poor
selection of fish. So it isnt too surprising that an unmodified river
would have more species than a small creek.  Though small creeks have
some fish you would only find as strays in a big river.  Around here that
is true of the Orange Throat darter, I always find them in the smallest
of streams. 
 In larger creeks and rivers Rainbows are at home. 

The Brookville area does have a nice selection of fish and has a few
species found farther east but not to the west.  Etheostoma variegatum
eg is at the western edge of its range in the Whitewater. I have caught
sculpins in the area too. I don't know if you could pay me to enter the
White River near Indianapolis though.... it appears to be ok farther