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NFC: (Fwd) Bibliofind order from Martin Moore

An unsolicited book review!  I can't wait to get it in my hands...

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

Dear Martin:                                     The Fishes
of Arkansas is indeed available and now on hold for you.  When 
your check
arrives, I'll get the book into the mail and on its way to you.  The 
is an extraordinarily heavy one because it is printed on a heavy
chrome-coated paper.  If you want it sent Priority rather than Book 
please add $6.00 for the postage.  Book Rate will be $3.50.  The 
cost of
the book, as shown on the screen, is $25.00.                              
I think this is an extraordinary book.  It seems to provide full color
pictures of most of the species, maybe all of them, and I can't recall
another fish title that does this for a state's fishes.  I also am willing
to bet that if a commercial publisher had done the book, the list 
would have been astronomical!  --These are just a few random 
thoughts that
have been rattling around since I found the book.                         

                Meanwhile, thanks for the order.    


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"Fie on thee, fellow!  Whence come these fishes?" - Scheherazade

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