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Re: NFC: What's Wrong With Mudminnows?

If by working with the genus you mean collect and rear yes I do. If by
working with the genus in a proffessionally manner no I do not. Scant
little research has be done on the genus outside the olympic mudminnow
due to its rare status. So what kind of questions do you have.

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999 02:37:08 -0700 fivefullstops <Praxis at datawise_net>
> Folks,
> In the last few years I've made a few inquiries about mud minnows to 
> this list
> with few responses ( and I thank those who did) but this is not 
> encouraging to
> anyone who is lead to believe, that this list is comprised of people 
> who know
> anything about this genus.
> Who on this list knows and works with mud minnows?
> Looking forward to your return.
> Thanks,
> Pat McKown

Robert Rice
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