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Re: NFC: nativefish.org web site critique [LONG!!]

All documents should get an overview if they are represanting the
NFC...in case they actually do not put us in a favorable light....

Also for future reference lets take these long crtiques of NFC stuff to a
private discussion it makes some people uncomfortable and gives he
impression that the efforts of volunteers are inadequit wich they are not

I appreciate the excitement and influx of ideas but lets temper it with a
bit of common sense. Some people are willing to volunteer but unwilling
to have their efforts publicaly critiqued. Lets be polite and take it
>> I think any document representing the NFC should pass by one of the
>> officers first, before being sent outside the organization. 
>Not a bad idea but given our current "to do list" combined with the 
>volunteer count, how much is this going to slow us down?
>I don't want to speak for RR, but the impression I've gotten after 
>chats about public outreach is that he's going to be more hands-off
>about this as long as we are good ambassadors.  Correct me if I'm 
>> They should be
>> able to determine whether it's appropriate or not, and instruct the 
>> of any changes/corrections that need to be made.
>Generally something like this in a non-profit organization would fall
>under the pervue of the office of Corresponding Secretary, which is 
>office that to my knowledge we don't currently have.  The 
>secretary is usually responsible for communicating with external 
>or at least signing off on letters before they go out.  In the 
>of such an office, the next best thing is to have a document that 
>a unified front in the absence of a single person that handles
>But you raise a good point;  as part of this document I need to ask 
>powers that be if I need to include provisions for a review process 
>the officers before allowing letters to go out.  Officers?
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Robert Rice
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