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Re: NFC: [Fwd: Peltier Junctions]

Andrew Dalton wrote:
> Andrew Dalton wrote:
> > Based on the information at the Melcor web site, the Peltier junctions
> > consume about 1.7 watts of electricity (I*V) for every 1 watt of heat
> > transferred.  So the power consumption required for this application is
> > 64*1.7 = 109 W.  This will probably require a heat sink and fan on the
> > hot side of the Peltier junction.

Something like that is needed on *both* sides. Coupling to the water must be
made that allows low enough temperature difference and enough heat flow to
get the heat *to* the cold side of the junction.

> One thing that I forgot to mention is that the hot side of any heat
> transfer system must remove both the heat being transferred  _and_ the
> heat equivalent to the electrical power being consumed.  So in this
> case, the total heat that needs to be removed is 64 W + 109 W = 173 W.

The small thermoelectric picnic coolers made by Kooltron, Igloo, Coleman and
others come with heat sinks, fans and about a 50W Peltier junction system,
running at 12Vdc (about 4A +/-).

At street price of $70 each, two of those might be a way to go *if* Peltier
cooling can be incorporated readily. You still would need a 12V 10A Battery
charger to run them off the 120V line.

I would be inclined to put coils in an ordinary small bar refrigerator and
in the tank, with a circulating pump, thereby heating the room far less.
Just my US$0.02


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