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Re: NFC: [Fwd: Peltier Junctions]

OK, call me lazy.  How much cash would you have to spend in 
order to cool, say, a 20 long, uninsulated, by 15 degrees using 
Peltier Junctions?

> http://www.melcor.com  has a lot of good information on heating and
> cooling with peltier junctions.  They have free downloadable software to
> calculate which Melcor peltier module and how many to use for a given
> application.  It also lets you specify voltage and current requirements.
> I'm trying to build a small air-filled box that I can heat and cool to
> test electronics and the Melcor site was very helpful.
> Leslie Ann Ellis
> Engineering Lab Technician
> Dataram Corporation
> 609.799.0071



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