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NFC: Re: pond renovation

hello Larry,

The buckets were no lid 5 gallon buckets with old cinder blocks, rock
whatever to make em sinc...I punched 3-4 holes in all of
them....Crayfish...try a bait shop.....or a seafood market...red swampers
are native to lots of texas ...as for plants I prefer giant vals or eel
grass you can purchase them for 129$ a thousand from spandler
nurserys...the do wildlife rehab stuff....1800-553-5771  .....get their
free catalog it is cool

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:56:10 -0500 powerbiz at iname_com writes:
>Hi --
>I read of your restoration and would LOVE to do the same with my 2.5 
>acre pond. 
>Filimentatious algae mats extend 15 feet or so from the bank all 
>around. I keep reading about barley straw, salt blocks, etc., but no 
>definitive answers on whether they're safe or effective. Using 
>Cutrine+ killed some of it, so now the dead algae has sunk below the 
>surface, smelly and soaking up oxygen.
>I was goin to get some grass carps, but after reading what you wrote, 
>looks like maybe plants are my friend, not my enemy! How can I 
>determine what would be beneficial plants for my central Texas pond?
>Also, all the crawfish I see commercially around here are imported 
>from either the coast or Louisiana. Any suggestions on how I can track 
>down "local" crawfish?
>Thanks for your help and inspiration!
>P.S. Your sunken buckets - did you have lids for them??

Robert Rice
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