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Re: NFC: Fw: Yes, please help me.

Hey Tim,
                First off you should try to determine where the problem with 
the lake is coming from. The water levels dropping is probably normal in 
responce to the drought conditions Southern Cal. commonly goes through and 
the fish kills are the result of severe oxygen depletion due in great part to 
the high temps and lack of deep water. You mentioned gambusia, are they the 
only small none-game fish there? And are there no other small critters such 
as crayfish or other forage foods for the larger fish?  Your initial 
accessment that the lake is in desperate need of bio-diversity has foundation 
if the answers to these questions is NO.  However, before you take the 
initiative, best do the legwork to find what you can legally do, California 
is one of the most strictly regulated states where their wetland habitats are 
concerned.  Goodluck and keep us posted.

Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program
Administrator, NFC