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NFC: Fw: Yes, please help me.

Help.....repky to both the list and Tim. 

Tim I forward your note t o the NFC list for discussion I'll be busy this
weekend will answer you this next week.

Robert Rice
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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:25:35 -0700
Subject: Yes, please help me.
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I am a college student and a fisherman concerned about a local pond/lake
by my home.

I live in North Orange County, Southern California where about 1/2 mile
from my home is a 6-8 acre lake.  It has over 200 trees surrounding it
with lily pads and tulle weeds galore.

This lake has done nothing but gone downhill since I have seen it during
the past 5 years.  The water is a murky brown color and the lake is no
more than 6 feet deep in the middle.  The species of fish that are in
the lake are:  largemouth bass, rock bass, blue gill, crappie, channel
and bullhead catfish, guppies (mosquito fish or gambusia), carp, and
some fish tank species (e.g. paku).  I have done some searching on your
web site and I saw that killies are what we don't have.

I want to know where to begin.  I am going to go to the city and see
what they plan on doing, but I would like to go in there with some idea
what they should be doing.

If you want more information about the lake, I can supply a little more
about the type and shape and what surrounds it.  I really want to make
this lake a thriving place again.  Just a couple of weeks ago we had a
hot spell and fish were dying all over the lake.  Something needs to be


Timothy Eakin