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Re: NFC: Cloudy Water

From:           	"Anthony Andrew" <heavymetal99 at excite_com>
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Subject:        	Re: NFC: Cloudy Water
Date sent:      	Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:28:44 PDT
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> Thanks for your help guys. However, I now have more questions:
> > You've got a bacterial bloom, most likely associated with > "new tank
> syndrome."  Do some water changes, add          > (Temporarily) a bubbler,
> and it should clear up in under a > week.
> Is it necessary to bother with water changes even when there's no fish? 
> If I let the bacteria go unhindered, won't it eventually "cycle out"
> anyway?

It will disappear by itself in a couple of days, as soon as the 
bacteria run out of nutrients.
> > Without a substantial amount of plants, you will continue > to suffer
> > from
> "new-tank syndrome."
> Are you saying this will happen all the time, even after fish have been
> living in there for a while? Is it possible to keep plants *without*
> adding anything to the gravel substrate? I've looked into this before and
> got extremely varying and uncertain replies.

NTS is not the same thing as the cloudiness here.  NTS refers 
specifically to Ammonia/nitite buildup in the first few weeks after 
stocking an aquarium.  The bacterial bloom mentioned IS common 
in new tanks (especially if your tap water is chlorinated), but is not 
the same thing as NTS.  The bloom will not recurr, plants or no.



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