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Poeciliidae - Livebearers 

Pike Killifish (Belonesox belizanus). The native range of this species is
the Atlantic Slope of Middle America from the Laguna San Julian,
northwest of Ciudad Veracruz, Mexico, to Costa Rica (Caldwell et al.
1959; Miller 1966). It is established in canal systems and in saline (40
ppt) cooling canals in southeastern Dade County, Florida (Belshe 1961;
Rivas 1965; Lachner et al. 1970; Courtenay and Robins 1973; Courtenay et
al. 1974; Miley 1978). This species is the largest member of the
live-bearing family, reaching lengths of 150 mm (Regan 1913). After
termination of research, (Belshe 1961; Miley 1978) in November 1957,
personnel of the Department of Medicine at the University of Miami
released experimental pike killifishes into a canal along SW 87th Avenue
in Dade County. The original release consisted of 50 excess fishes
(Belshe 1961). 

Robert Rice
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