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Re: NFC: Cloudy Water

Thanks for your help guys. However, I now have more questions:

> You've got a bacterial bloom, most likely associated with > "new tank
syndrome."  Do some water changes, add          > (Temporarily) a bubbler,
and it should clear up in under a > week.

Is it necessary to bother with water changes even when there's no fish?  If
I let the bacteria go unhindered, won't it eventually "cycle out" anyway?

> Without a substantial amount of plants, you will continue > to suffer from
"new-tank syndrome."

Are you saying this will happen all the time, even after fish have been
living in there for a while? Is it possible to keep plants *without* adding
anything to the gravel substrate? I've looked into this before and got
extremely varying and uncertain replies.

> wall of bubbles from a "bubble wand" or several airstones > can cool and
help oxygen levels.

How much would a large bubble bar cool a 37 gal. tank, 2-3 degrees maybe?

> I like a sponge filter, from an established tank, to get a > good
population of nitrogen-converting bacteria going.    > Something needs to be
done to trap ammonia and nitrites   > (both poisonous) and convert them to
less-harmful         > nitrates. 

There's nobody around here that I know of where I can get a reliably safe
"seed" culture. Does anybody know if any of those "instant" cultures
available in the stores work or not? 

Tony Gustafson

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