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NFC: From Bill Duzen UPDATE

                                                        Update on the
Breeders Club

    The Breeders Club is finally up and running, and I think, will be a
valued asset to the NFC.
We currently have 6 breeders currently working with the Breeders club. As
you know this club was formed, not only to increase knowledge of native
fish through the documentation of the fish being bred and that
information passed on, not only to the members of the NFC, but also to
the scientific community, but also to make available for sale captive
bred native fish to the open market.

These fish are currently being successfully bred and raised:

Pteronotropis hypselopterus                Sailfin Shiner
Fundulus cingulatus                             Pink Lemonade Killie
Fundulus chrystous                              Melanistic form
Jordanella floridae                               Florida flag fish
Elassoma evergladei                            Everglades pigmy sunfish
Elassoma zonatum                               Banded Pigmy Sunfish
Lepomis cyanellus                               Green sunfish
Lepomis gibbosus                                Pumpkinseed sunfish
Etheostoma caeruleum                        Rainbow darter
Culaea inconstans                                Brook stickleback
Heterandria formosa                            Pigmy Livebearer, Least
killifish ( orange spot dorsal)
Pimephales promelas                           Fathead minnow

These fish are currently being worked with but have not yet been induced
to spawn:

Noturus exilis                                      Slender Madtom
Etheostoma spectabile                         Orangethroat darter
Etheostoma flabellare                          Fantail darter
Etheostoma nigrum                              Johnny darter
Pteronotropis hubbsi                            Bluehead shiner
Fundulus escambiae                             Eastern Starhead Killie
Fundulus notti                                      Southern Starhead

These are fish that the club would like to work with but do not yet have:

Elassoma okefenokee                         Okefenokee Pigmy sunfish
Elassoma boehlkei                              Carolina Pigmy sunfish
Elassoma okatie                                  Bluebarred Pigmy sunfish
Fundulus lineolatus                             Lined Topminnow
Fundulus olivaceus                               Black spotted topminnow
Fundulus pulvereus                               Bayou killifish
Fundulus luciae                                     Spotfin killifish
Fundulus notatus                                   Blackstripe topminnow
Cyprinodon pecosensis                         Pecos river pupfish
Cyprinodon eximius                             Conchos pupfish
Cyprinodon tularosa                             White sands pupfish
Cyprinodon variegatus eustis                Sheephead minnow (freshwater)
Cyprinodon rubrofluviatilis                   Red River Pupfish
Gambusia senilis                                   Blotched Gambusia
Gambusia geiseri                                   Largespring Gambusia
Hysterocarpus traski                              Tule Perch
Ameiurus serracanthus                          Spotted Bullhead
Lepomis marginatus                              Dollar sunfish
Lepomis symmetricus                           Bantam sunfish
Enneacanthus chaetodon                       Blackbanded Sunfish

      In my tanks I have found a oligomelantic variety of Heterandria
formosa.  It looks like it will be a female.  I will try to  line breed
to establish this trait. The Fundulus chrystous, in another breeders
tank, is heavily black spotted and is in the process of being line bred,
again to establish the trait.  The F. escambaie is also a melanistic
form.  There are several Goodeids that are in the Breeders Club tanks
that should be coming out for the general sales soon.

We are always looking for either people and collectors to donate fish or
for qualified breeders to breed the fish we now have.  If you feel you
are either of these please contact me or Robert Rice.  

Robert Rice
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