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NFC: Fw: Re: Breeders club Auction is coming up !!!

From: Theduuz at aol_com
To: Robertrice at juno_com
Cc: dakota at star-telegram_com
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 07:21:35 EDT
Subject: Re: Breeders club
Message-ID: <d43212de.24bc7b3f at aol_com>

Hi Robert,

Lets do an auction of the following:

2 lots of 6 juvinile Sailfin shiners
2 lots of 6  Blue Head shiners Pt. hubbsia
2 lots of 6 juvinile Melanistic Fundulus chrystotus
Trio of Rainbow darters
15 oz. can of Brine shrimp eggs grade A
If you want to do fat head minnow I also have thousands of those.

I'll donate the eggs to off set the cost of postage of fish given to my
of the breeders club.

I just got off the phone with Jeff Kilker who is handling the F.
and he tells me the fish are breeding almost 100% melanistic!  He will
be sending along a life history article on this fish.  He is one of the
people left without a computer so I may have to re-due it and sen it
Do to the warm weather his Fundulus along with mine have stopped laying

I have attached a file that I thought I sent to you a while back but
have been lost in the shuffle of you moving or me dreaming, so here it

Bill ( I need a vacation) Duzen