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NFC: Fw: F chrysotus in Gainesville

As a part of my summer program we do a "community outreach" program
"fishing for success." While cleaning up trash around a pond today in E. 
Gainesville in a run down neighborhood I took the opportunity to slip in
dip net.
I dipped a half dozen F. chrysotus in about a half an hour. Blind slashes

through the heavy vegetation.  I'm especially excited about one male and 
female that are large (maybe 2.5") and absolutely stunning.  A couple
males and a couple juvi/females also.  Even the small males have a
red coloration which really sets off their gold flecks.  The pond also 
contains a few small Gams but not many. This pond was recently planted
bream and bass by the UF.  They will be planting catfish soon.  I'm told 
there quite a few large golden's in this pond.  Thought you might be 
interested.  BTW: The human inhabitants there are a slice of Americana
some folks wouldn't want to risk.
R. Scott Page