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Re: NFC: hunting for bluenose

"D. Martin Moore" wrote:
> I am planning a trip to south/central Mississippi to collect bluenose
> shiners.  I am open any of the following dates:  7/15, 7/16, 7/22,
> 7/23 (note: these are all weekdays).  If anybody wants to come
> along, please email me.  Sorry, I will not be taking orders for
> shipment.  If you want any you will have to come along :-)

Ooh you may be going to Violet Goby territory.  Have you ever seen
those?  They appear from time to time in the pet industry but are
usually mislabelled as aggressive fish due to their impressive teeth but
they are really quite laid back.  They tend to be in the more brackish
waters though.


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