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Re: NFC: Reclaimation

Joshua L Wiegert wrote:
> When a DEC/DNR/whatever reclaims a lake/pond with chemicals, such as
> Rotenone, which kill everything in the body.... what do they restock,
> usually?  Obviously, they restock the game-fish in the area, and scukers,
> bullhead, and so forth will generally survive, but what about the
> non-game-fish?  Do they always stock the same ones that were there, or
> what...?

In the far west (aka "Left Coast") the purpose of restoration is often the
native fish. Recently, *Tilapia* got so far up the Moapa River, NE of Las
Vegas, that the native springfish, chubs, and dace were in serious trouble.
One branch of the river was rotenoned (is that a real verb????), after the
barriers to the exotics were restored. The Nature Conservancy, Nevada
Wildlife Dept. and the Desert Springs Action Committee have all been active
in catching natives and transferring them from the other branch, ever since.

For an article and recent pics, check out:


Now, if we could just get the ignoramuses at our county governments to
*stop* distributing damnbusia!


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