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NFC: Surprises

hey all,

 I got a surprise the other day when looking in one of my tanks.  A baby
darter!  I don't know what species it is yet, as it is still only about
1/2 inch long.  It's the only one I found.  It is most likely either an
Orangethroat or Redfin as these are the only ones that have been in that
tank.  It's possible it came into the tank as an egg several months ago in
a clump of Java Moss I placed in there from my main darter tank...or it
could have been spawned and hatched in the tank but the Orangethroats have
been out of there for approximately 8 months.  Oh well, whatever the case,
I gueess this means I'm now an official natives breeder...even if it was
an accident.  :-)