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Re: NFC: Surprises

Congratulations!  A good start to help you work up to producing 2000 captive bred darters a week as an official Native Fish Breeder (he he he)!

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>hey all,
> I got a surprise the other day when looking in one of my tanks.  A baby
>darter!  I don't know what species it is yet, as it is still only about
>1/2 inch long.  It's the only one I found.  It is most likely either an
>Orangethroat or Redfin as these are the only ones that have been in that
>tank.  It's possible it came into the tank as an egg several months ago in
>a clump of Java Moss I placed in there from my main darter tank...or it
>could have been spawned and hatched in the tank but the Orangethroats have
>been out of there for approximately 8 months.  Oh well, whatever the case,
>I gueess this means I'm now an official natives breeder...even if it was
>an accident.  :-)

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